Appraise Your Focus


It is all too easy to focus on the negative and on the negative people that you meet. But be a pleasure to yourself and place your focus upon that one in a zillion-positive person.

Blow away that deep mist that you shroud yourself within and count your blessings. Your task is to look for the positive in circumstances and people. You aim to be that one in a Zillion positive person who brings a ray of light into someone’s day.

You may have to train or retrain yourself to do this because it is all too easy to allow yourself to fall into the prevailing pits of negatives. Like an electric current, you’re thinking follows the path of least resistance.

So, it is up to you to energize yourself to overcome self-induced and circumstantial impedance. Without the energies of your person, circumstantial impedance can break your spirit, reducing you into an empty shell placed under the discretion of the prevailing culture.

The heights of your existence are not to be reactive but proactive. Undesirable circumstances and negative people are part of living life. But you are not a blade of grass blowing helplessly in the wind because you have a choice as to which direction that you will lean.

Lean towards the mercy and grace that you can and should bestow to yourself. Focus upon that which sets you free and builds you up. And stand tall to share your rewards with another one.

Touch the brightness of your shining Sun that is within you. Do not look for someone else to elevate your feelings of yourself. Appraise the value of what you put your attractions on and choose which path that you want to be your walk-in life, remembering that there is no promise of the next Planck of time to anyone.

Life is much too fleeting and fragile for you to allow negativity to rob you of the moments that are NOW. So, appraise your focus and learn to live.

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