Overflowing with Nothing


Brainwashed, whitewashed, empty shells is the condition that the majority of the people willfully place themselves in. Too many of the people adore being in a state of mindlessness where anything is dump into them.

Overflowing with nothing as the rest of the peoples of the world moves forward is a condition that the people must bring to a decisive end.

It is time to stop victimizing ourselves and begin to think and conduct ourselves in the manner that we should.

For billions of years, the firstborn kept the cosmos in harmony and balance. Over the past two thousand years, we have lost our senses.

It is time to reclaim what is rightfully ours, which is our dignity, self-respect, and power that we have foolishly given to others.

A brainwashed, whitewashed, empty shell is a tool that is lifeless in and of itself. It can only perform as the tool handled directs it.

Overflowing with nothing and producing nothing of value is the condition that too many of the lovelies find acceptable. Being so well adjusted in their supplanting, they will hinder their own who try to liberate their minds out of this self-defeating manner of thinking.

The moment is past due for those committing crimes against nature to pay their debt in a fatalistic way. It is time for the firstborn to make an end of them.

Take pride in yourself and your people, and no longer allow fools to fool you with their nonsense. The victory is yours, but you allow yourself to be so brainwashed and whitewashed that you can not see it.

Your power is inside of you. All you need do is pull it out and use it.

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