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Just to have someone to talk with. One of the first steps towards healing is the knowledge that you are not alone. I know that this sounds like a cliché, and it is, but in many cases, it works. Especially if you and whomsoever have the same empathy.

In my case, for example, I know that there are millions of people infected with the virus that I am infected with. Does this knowledge help me to sleep restfully? No, it does not. Does the awareness of millions of lives in turbulence cause me to feel better about my condition? No.

Being jostled on every side by the crush of the millions and at the same time feeling all alone is not a definition of completeness. Who will talk to me because I become even more depressed when I talk to myself. Do the annoying little flying bugs that land upon me and bite me understand anything at all about me? Can these bugs appreciate how much they torment me? Do they have empathy for the uncomfortable predicament that they place me in?

I joined a group of people, but I am not of this group of people because I do nothing within this group of people. My mind is with them, but my behavior is absent-minded. I signed up to be a member of this group of people and then promptly faded away into the murky recess of my self-assigned cubbyhole.

The silent cannot be heard, and the mute cannot be applauded. Participate, become interactive, throw your thoughts out to be considered. No one is asking you of anything except yourself. Your involvement is important. Your input may be the incentive that changes a person’s life.

She looked at me, and I looked back at her. Now what? Let no one be able to say that a Duck-billed platypus has outdone me. I will be an active participant in this group because I joined this group of people of my own volition.

Now, what group of people am I referring to? Those enchanting group of people of the Bestowing Life family ( and, and those adorable people that want to understand their night dreams by sharing them with one another at of course.

Just to have someone to talk with. The purpose of these websites is to allow people to bond and communicate. Use them and enjoy them.


Membership Campaign is currently conducting a membership campaign. Visit this site to see what it is all about and if it applies to you please become a member. BestowingLife is a social networking website where people who have been diagnosed positive with these viruses can freely exchange information, encourage one another, and forge lasting and meaningful relationships.

This website is for people who see their illness as a tool to build inner strength and character, to look a problem in the face and successfully and constructively live with it, to find cures and exchange successful treatment ideas, to move beyond their circumstance and live a full and wholesome life, to refresh the downcast and to instill promise and vision into a feeling of despair. We welcome all new members.

This is BestowingLife, your voice among friends and your positive outreach into many lives that are in need and in search of camaraderie and comfort, for we know that until a cure comes, life goes on, and we choose to live this life without denial and to be considerate of the safety and wellbeing of others, and by not allowing anything or anyone to interfere with or distort our goals and aspirations.

For we are the mighty army that fights the winning battles that motivate the weak to be staunch and steadfast in their minds and unwavering in their labors to be fruitful and thriving in this short window of time that is called terrestrial life.

We understand that the true value is not the beginning (conception and birth), and nor the end (physical death), but the span lived between these two points that are creative, flourishing, humble, helpful and devoted to making the Planet Earth a peaceful and abounding place to live for oneself and for others.

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