Living With HIV

HIV and AIDS do not make the news as they used to, but they are still highly active life destroyers. is focused exclusively upon HIV and AIDS-positive persons. needs your help and support to assist persons whose finances are inadequate to address daily living expenses and the need to have their HIV and AIDS medications. needs you to become one of its members in this growing community of initiative-taking people that encourages and reinforces one another. is free to join and participate in its open discussions. All communications are private between members. is a meeting place for people who are HIV and AIDS positive. Sharing a common concern and being positive and productive in living with HIV is our goal. is a community of people sharing, loving, educating, committed, and growing. Join this community and expand the quality of your life by being an encouragement to others.

Thank you all who have become Bestowing Life Blog followers. Please feel free to submit your remarks and spread the word. There is an active chat room for members to use, so feel free to do so and communicate with each other via this medium.

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